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Dr. Richard kimble power supplyPower supply professional industrial equipment suppliersCommitted to automation machinery and equipment of transformer、Voltage regulator、Voltage regulation、Rectifier power source such as research and development and production

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Dr. Richard kimble is a Chinese high-tech enterprises,Dr. Richard kimble power brand through development become well-known brands,All the insist on do not compromise quality and innovation。Brand in Chinese[Dr. Richard kimble]Is the gold medal quality as the foundation of enterprise development,English name[KINGBAO]Chinese is king bodyguards。Dr. Richard kimble quality、Economic development,The symbol of the rock-solid、Stable and reliable、Green, energy saving,Also on behalf of Dr. Richard kimble never slack off,The spirit of the pursuit of excellence。

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Dr. Richard kimble power source is the national ministry of commerce and industry
Formal registration of the brand company,
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Dr. Richard kimble power supply-Formal company

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Dr. Richard kimble power according to each industry
Not gay,
To the customer quotation clearly

Dr. Richard kimble power supply-Charge is transparent

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Dr. Richard kimble power supply to customers
1The year after,
Let you look easy

Dr. Richard kimble power supply-Perfect after-sales

12Years of experience

Dr. Richard kimble power supply industrial power supply manufacturer
The engineer has5Years or so
Experience in industry

Dr. Richard kimble power supply-Full experience

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After the customer contact,
24Hours arrived at the scene,
Never delay

Dr. Richard kimble power supply-Arrive on time

Professional equipment form a complete set of guidelines

The four core strengthsDedicated to provide you withIndustrial equipment power supply solutionFocus on providing power solutions for industrial equipment

Quality enterprises·Cooperation is more comfortable
> Dr. Richard kimble power to provide voltage regulator、Transformer、Voltage regulator、Dc power supply、UPSThe power supply Quality and reliable
 From the source to ensure the quality of service
> From the fundamental solution industry regulator malfunction、Ensure the effective operation of the lathe using voltage regulatorWarranty for one year
Mature team·Quality manufacturers
> Dr. Richard kimble power supplyEnterprise and customer friendsSolve a full range of power requirements and technical plan
> After every maintenance master Technical training,Strive for perfection
More than cooperation·Quality of word of mouth
> Has the service to global southeast Asia,In China, north China、East China、South China、Central China、And the northeast
    Provide a detailed maintenance scheme in southwest China
> Keep your clients' interests on the front in the process of cooperation,So farSeveral long termCooperation customers
Mature team·Quality manufacturers
> 24-hour online customer service team,To provide for you 365Days24HoursThe service at any time
> Professional distribution system,According to the customerThe delivery of requirements personalized service。On a regular basis
    Return visit to customers,Pay attention to customer feedback,To solve customer problems in a timely and effective manner。

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About Dr. Richard kimble power supply

Dongguan Dr. Richard kimble electromechanical co., LTD

(Dr. Richard kimble power for short)Are specialized in manufacturing industrial equipment power suppliers,In a professional engaged in the development of power equipment、Production and sales service has a history of more than ten years,Dedicated to provide customers with all kinds of industrial power products,For every enterprise Industry friends and customers to solve a full range of power requirements and technical plan。
  Dr. Richard kimble brand has passed the quality certification center for appraisal and certificates,In the domestic power industry become enterprise。The company has research and development strength...

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